• Funny, Dark, and Witty, They Went Another Way, is an original comedy that exposes the lives of two “seasoned” actresses on a desperate quest.  We find Scarlet (Storey) and Sophie (Addison), living as room-mates and hitting rock bottom as their acting careers and lives are spinning out of control.  Exposing the unsavoury underbelly of a world where rejection, humiliation and degradation are as routine as a cup of coffee, They Went Another Way, is a smart two-person comedy created by Vancouver actors Tanya Reid, Michelle Addison, and Terri-Lyn Storey, while co-directed by Brendan Bieser.  

“Audiences laugh their way through this high-energy play, and the acting is superb." ~Vue Weekly, Edmonton~

They Went Another Way toured to Penticton and The Edmonton and Vancouver International Fringe Festivals. The two actors were touring in a vintage 1973 Chevy Boogie Van who is fondly nicked named Betsy Blue.


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