The Hope Slide by Joan MacLeod, is an award winning, one woman, ten character play that takes place in the mind of Irene.  Irene is a wickedly funny and achingly vulnerable protester who travels back in time to when she was 15 and recounts the haunting memories of Three Doukhobour Martyrs and the lives they affect decades later.  Irene considers herself a Spirit Wrestler inspired by the Russian Doukhobour immigrants who are living in the B.C. Kootneys. The Doukhobours are a Russian religious group who immigrated to western Canada and who place their own ideals above the government’s demands.  As the ideals clashed, protesting began with the burning of B.C. Schools, the blowing up of government buildings and bridges, and naked protest marches, which of course is thrilling to a young and vibrant fifteen- year-old girl named Irene.The Hope Slide is a fascinating play that brings laughter, heartache, and inspiration.

The Hope Slide's tour destinations were Nelson, Penticton, Orlando, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver and Gabriola. The play was selected Critics Choice at the Montreal and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals and won the Peoples' Choice Award for best drama and best actress in a drama at the Victoria Fringe Festival.

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"... Terri-Lyn’s portrayal of Irene’s youth and the travails and tribulations of teen times was funny; touchingly familiar, with a wisdom all its own!  Three gold stars: richly deserved! "
- The Flying Shingle, Gabriola Island,  BC



"...poignantly brought to life by Storey, whose chameleon-like abilities to slip between characters of different genders and ages within moments is truly breathtaking."
- Express Nelson, BC

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* * * * * " Terri-Lyn Storey's seamless transformations fill this one-woman show with fascinating, funny and tragic characters and her raw yet subtle performance is a rare treat. I didn't want this stunning production to end."
-eye, Toronto



* * * * Top ten must see at the Montreal Fringe.    "Storey... delivers an intelligent and in the end very moving solo performance"
- Montreal Gazette

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"...The Hope Slide is worth the attention. It's a
fascinating slice of history, and Storey brings to it both great craft and engaging each of the three Doukhobor dead, she's riveting.
Listen, and learn."
- Orlando Sentinel, Florida



"A fascinating story well told by Terri-Lyn Storey of the Doukhobors, naked religious Russian bomb-wielding terrorists from BC's crazy past. The crowd loved every shade and shape of this show, with good reason."
- Terminal City Weekly Vancouver

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* * * *"...Storey who is equally impressive as the awkward bare-foot juvenile Irene as she protrays a devastated woman who feels the world is falling down upon her. Storey unearths the emotional core of MacLeod's landmark work."
-Winnipeg Free Press

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* * * * "...Storey's performance is intelligent, empathic and passionate, with possibly the most moving use of nudity you'll ever see."
-See Magazine, Edmonton

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"...everything about this show, including the superb sound and lighting design, is solid, a well-relized piece of the Canadian canon."
-Georgia Straight, Vancouver

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