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FAME Arts is about fostering creativity, supporting imagination, and dreaming up big ideas.

FAME Arts, through The Vancouver School Board, is a play creation project working with children from grade 2 to 7 in which we have created dozens of fully produced plays.  Since 2007, with its start working in East Vancouver Inner-City Schools, The FAME Arts Project has developed into a multi level program from play creation classes for children, to theatre workshops for adults.  In each project we start with raw ideas and through imagination and the art of story-telling, we create fully original plays.

``Promise me you’ll always remember... you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.`` -Winnie the Pooh


Why Hate, Why Love,
Why Riot?

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In 2011, Terri-Lyn produced a project that took 10 inner city children on their own theatre tour, to her home town in the Okanagan.  They rented a theatre and performed their original 'Box Theatre' solo shows.  While in the Okanagan they also performed at The Okanagan Childrens Festival.  The tour kicked off with being part of The B.C. Buds Spring Festival at The Fire Hall Theatre and they were invited back to perform their Tee-Pee Theatre solo shows at The Fire Hall Theatre in the Spring of 2012.  Tee-Pee Theatre was also invited to perform for the Vancouver School Board Offices in June of 2012 and The Canada Place Aboriginal Spirit Celebration in September 2012.  In June of 2012, FAME Arts presented Why Hate, Why Love, Why Riot?  An original play in which the children played adults caught in real time during the Vancouver 2011 hockey riot.  Why Hate, Why Love, Why Riot? made national news and was featured on CTV and CBC Nightly News.

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The summer of 2012 saw Terri-Lyn at  Camp Fircom, where she created an original play, Land of the Cast-A-Ways, with a cast of 43 children from 6 to 17 years old.  Land of the Cast-A-Ways, was a roaming play, in which the audience moved with the actors from scene to scene staged on beaches, a cliff side, the forest, and nestled into a valley of ferns.  Land of the Cast-A-Ways featured singing, dance pieces, sword fights, and a speaking part for every one of the 43 actors.  Pure creative magic.  

Terri-Lyn has also led workshops for new immigrants to B.C. and people wrestling with addiction and homelessness.  Since 2008, Terri-Lyn has been a Kid Start one on one mentor, which helps to coach kids through the game of life.


18 students from two different and diverse neighbourhoods in Vancouver come together to create a show at The Fire Hall Arts Centres, B.C. Buds Spring Festival.

Box Theatre is a multi-theatre show staged inside large wooden and cardboard boxes that have a full set, sound, and lighting design. The audience experiences a visually rich and stunning experience as they move around the theatre from box to box to go into each created world.

The performances will be taking place on May 11th and 12th at 2pm at the Fire Hall Arts Centre.

Photo courtesy of Justine Warrington.

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